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My personal experience with Modavigil

My name is Mark and I would like to share my personal experience with Modavigil with you. It is not that I care if you buy Modavigil or anything like that. It is because this drug has helped me lead a healthy lifestyle when I thought this was no longer possible and because this drug actually changed my life for the better. The only thing that I regret is that I had not learned about what is ailing me before and that I had not been prescribed with Modavigil long time ago. But still, it has been making my life so much better for three years already and I cannot imagine how I would function without it.

My problems started sometime in my teens and if you consider that I am now well into my twenties, you can imagine for how long I have been suffering. Namely, sometime around my 14th birthday, I started noticing that I was getting more and more agitated. This was the first thing I and everyone around me noticed. Before that, I had been a really nice guy, a boy really, always well-behaved and always smiling. And then, all of a sudden, I started turning into this monster that was getting on everyone's nerves and that could not get well with anyone. At first I didn't even notice this and my parents were those who found this out. I soon started falling off with most of my friends and before I knew it, I was left with just a few of the real good ones.

Then, about half a year later, I started noticing that I started getting worse in school. My grades suffered and I had troubles finishing even the simplest of tasks. I could not concentrate for the life of me and once again, I thought that this was just a phase. I thought that I was just one of those teens for whom the puberty hits really bad and who cannot help themselves. Still, I was getting really worried. And then I started experiences this incredible sleepiness during the day. This is when my parents took me to a doctor who was not quite sure what was going on. He at first thought that we were exaggerating and that I was just another teen for whom the puberty is the worst part of the life. He could not figure out what was wrong with me and my ordeal continued.

I somehow managed to get into college where my ordeals continued. My sleepiness became even more pronounced and I could barely stay awake for the most part of the day. I was getting quite hopeless and I thought that I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. My mood swing became even worse and to tell you the truth, I cannot even imagine how I managed to find a girlfriend being that way. But I did and to her I will be thankful for the rest of my life.

Namely, it was her who noticed, after a few nights that we had spent together, that is would stop breathing during the night. I knew I snored as some people have told me this in the past, but since she was the first person to spend the night in the same bed, she was the first to notice that I would actually stop breathing during sleep. I thought that this must be something important and I went to see a doctor once again, a different one.

She knew immediately what was up. I had obstructive sleep apnea and I had it for years. I would stop breathing and I just would not get enough oxygen during night. This would, of course, cause all my problems, especially the daytime sleepiness. She immediately prescribed me with Modavigil and I went out to order Modavigil straight away. She also told me that I should get one of those masks that people with sleep apnea can wear during the night that makes sure they can breathe properly.

I am quite sure that it was actually Modavigil that has changed my life as it turned my life around. All of a sudden, I was not getting sleepy during the day, I was not getting irate at the smallest of things and I could enjoy my life entirely and without any problems. I still buy Modavigil and use it regularly, as well as the mask that is helping me breathe during the night. However, even if not for the mask, I am sure that Modavigil would at least allow me to lead a normal life.

And there is my story, a little bit of help from the love of my life, a lot of help from the doctor and the immeasurable help from Modavigil have all changed my life for the better and I am sure that many of you who are struggling with daytime sleepiness might be suffering from the same problem without even realizing it.

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